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Calum Richardson - The Bay Fish and Chips

The Bay Fish and Chips, Stonehaven is one of Scotland’s top destinations for award winning fish and chips.  Calum Richardson and his team have built their success on using local produce and focusing on sustainability.  In his words “I like to keep an eye on everything that comes into the shop ensuring ethical practices and therefore it makes sense to keep an eye on everything going out and that means waste too”

When asked about any reservations he might have had prior to installing his Peel Tech System, he said the size was a concern.  So when we showed him our small version, this fitted perfectly into the food prep area and now ensures a cleaner working environment.

But the biggest benefit to Calum was the peace of mind of knowing that his drains would never be blocked due to starch and that he would never have to worry about environmental officials enforcing the new legislation and the potential of a big fine and the attendant bad publicity.

Calum has no hesitation in recommending the Peel Tech to any forward thinking Fish and Chip shop owner.  The fact that it is manufactured by people who are actually in the food prep business means a lot to him and his final word was “Superb!”

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