Multi Award winning Eco Twin Filtration System for Potato and Food Processingrecycling made easy

Peel Tech

How it Works

Failure to comply with regulations could result in a fine up to £40,000.

The Peel Tech system works by taking the waste from the potato peeler, separating the waste skin and compacting the potato starch to allow the operator to easily remove the waste for recycle use.

The standard size Peel Tech only needs emptied after 4 x 25kg bags of potatoes have been peeled.

The Peel Tech unit then power flushes the water down the drains keeping them free from waste and starch deposits.

The Peel Tech machine is compact and quick to install.  It comes in two sizes so even the smallest prep area can benefit.  All that is needed is a water supply to the rear of the unit and a hose fitted from the potato peeler to the Peel Tech.

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