Multi Award winning Eco Twin Filtration System for Potato and Food Processingrecycling made easy

Peel Tech

Buy or Lease

Purchase a Peel Tech System 

The Peel Tech filtration system is available now and can be delivered within 24 hours of ordering.   Buy one today and:

  • Avoid prosecution for illegal waste disposal
  • Have happy staff in an odour free prep area
  • Have happy neighbours with no more costly blocked drains
  • Save money – the machine cost can be recouped in less than a year
  • Add to your environmental credentials

Please contact us to reserve your unit.

Lease a Peel Tech System

If you're interested in leasing a Peel Tech machine from less than £20 per week, please contact us to reserve your unit. An explanation of how leasing works is below but we would always recommend you speak to your accountant first.

Tax Benefits of Leasing

» The Tax benefits of leasing explained (pdf)



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