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How easy is it to clean underneath the unit?

The base is made with dimples to allow easy cleaning and moving.  As the empty unit only weighs around 18kg, moving it should not be difficult

The location of the outlet means that it can be awkward to completely empty.  Shouldn’t the outlet be in the bottom?

We considered this carefully when designing the machine and found that placing the drain 10mm up from the bottom of the unit doesn't allow sediment to go down the drains ensuring total legal compliance.

The peel and starch residue collected can be really heavy to lift out

We recommend that you use the de-watering device supplied with every machine to reduce the weight by around 50% making it much easier to handle

What can we do with the waste other than dispose of with our other food waste?

One of our customers, Ivan Wood and Sons, feed all the waste peel and starch direct to cattle as it is an excellent and clean animal feed.  However, if you aren’t close to a farm who would use this source of feed, please make sure your waste removal company knows that the Peel Tech product is a first class bio digestate

Will I need an extra waste bucket from my local Council?

In our experience the waste produced by the Peel Tech, if properly processed with the de-watering device, rarely requires additional waste bins.

I don’t think the legislation you mention is in force for me yet?

We strongly advise that you double check this NOW to avoid a fine of £10K.  Local Water Authorities throughout the country are implementing the legislation and sooner or later will catch up with all businesses flouting the law.

Do you have more information on the installation and maintenance of the Unit?

Download your copy here

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