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Donato Andreucci - Central Fish & Chips, Kinross

Donato Andreucci, the proprietor of Central Fish & Chips, Kinross, was the first Peel Tech installation.  Quite a leap of faith for Donato to make but when we asked him in April 2017 how he had got on, he said he doesn’t know what he would do without it.

Before he installed the machine, he had a continual problem with his drains.  Being located in a traditional building in a traditional High Street, the drainage just wasn’t up to the job and his annual drains clearance bill was around £1500.  Even then, the prep room continually had a bad odour which spread through the whole back shop.   The Peel Tech has paid for itself several times over already.

Since the Peel Tech has been in place it’s:

  • No more smells
  • No more blocked drains
  • No more concerns over Environmental Health visits

Donato prides himself on maintaining a scrupulously clean premises and his mantra to the staff is:

“You should be able to safely eat your dinner off any surface in the shop and that includes floors”  The Peel Tech means that the prep area is just as spotless and odourless as the rest of the shop and an ideal spot for a quick snack if you want!

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