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OW1 StayFresh Sanitiser Spray 500ml

Ready To Use Anti-bacterial Sanitiser Spray - Specially formulated to effectively & safely decontaminate all Produce, Packaging, Surfaces, Hands and even your shopping and take away deliveries...

You can’t spray your produce, hands and packaging with dangerous cleaning agents or disinfectants to decontaminate them, but with OW1 Sanitiser Spray now you can safely.

“OW1 kills 99.9% of bacteria, viruses,  yeasts and moulds, breaks down pesticide and fertilizer residues and is 100% effective.  Protecting your produce, customers and family”

All ingredients are of the finest quality and OW1 is supermarket supplier approved for use with produce as a decontaminant.


Spray your hands ensuring total coverage and rub together - as with all hand sanitisers you may experience a very mild stinging sensation, this is normal and only lasts a moment, whilst the product does its job killing harmful Germs.


All produce can harbour dangerous germs and bacteria on the surface, simply spray mist with OW1 ensuring total coverage to effectively decontaminate


Keep all surfaces clean and virus and bacteria free by spraying OW1 ensuring total coverage, simply leave to dry or wipe with a clean damp cloth as required.  OW1 can remain active on surfaces for up to 24 hours providing protection and added peace of mind.


Often overlooked as a transmission source of harmful bacteria and germs, household, supermarket and takeaway packaging and deliveries have been handled many times previously, lightly mist spray with OW1 Sanitiser ensuring total coverage to decontaminate and eliminate the risk.

Safe if swallowed - A safer and far more effective alternative to other sprays which will cause harm if swallowed

Also suitable for organic produce.

Use on hands to safely decontaminate, leaves skin soft to the touch, does not dry out your hands like alcohol based sanitisers.

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